Love what you eat? Say thanks to farmers with our “Pay forward, give back” E-RUPI scheme now!

Did you know that smallholder farmers (Owning <2 hectares) produce around a third of the world’s food?⁽¹⁾ India’s smallholder farmers comprise 78% of the country’s farmers⁽²⁾ and we at Chainflux would like to honour them through our Blockchain traceability + E-RUPI Digital Payment solution.

With Shine, our blockchain traceability platform, we record critical information across any supply chain on details regarding source and sustainability metrics. We are now venturing into the Food industry to build a foolproof transparent and quality assurance solution.

Pay forward

As a part of the ‘Farm to Fork’ initiative, just by scanning a QR code, the end consumers can verify the authenticity of food products. This data captured includes authenticity, provenance, details on waste reduction, and ensuring sustainable methods are practiced across the supply chain. In addition to traceability, customers can enter their phone & email address and receive cashbacks/discounts for any future purchases from the same brand.

Give back

E-RUPI is an electronic voucher based digital payment system introduced by the Government of India on August 2nd 2021⁽³⁾. Users will be able to redeem the prepaid voucher without a card, digital payments app or internet banking. These e-gift cards can be shared via an SMS or a QR code to the beneficiary and can be used only, for the intended purpose, by the person to whom it is issued to.

Now that the consumers can track the origin of a product, they can choose to reward the farmers as a token of gratitude. Farmers can benefit by redeeming these vouchers for government welfare services such as Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, fertilizer subsidies, farm inputs.  

Let us take a step today to make the lives of the farmers (~50% of India’s population) a little better. A small contribution can go a long way! Contact us for more information.



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