SHINE-audit is a platform to track plastic waste across the supply chain, ensuring it’s proper recycling and disposal. SHINE-audit is working with one of the top PROs in India – Saahaszerowaste, to ensure proper audit of plastic waste disposal by brands.


Trace with documents

Trace the movement of documents between team members and outside members

Trace with photos and videos

Track photos and videos movement between users.

Seamless integration

Integrate with existing platforms such as ERP systems, accounting software, inventory management, finance software.

No setup cost

0 cost to setup the blockchain platform

Low transaction costs

Very low per-transaction costs to get you to reap the benefits of traceability instantly.


SHINE makes it easy for brands to track the recycling of the plastics that they produce through a simple interface where they can see all parties in the supply chain adding data on the plastics that they collect and track.

Admin portal

See an overview of the recycling supply chain for the type of plastic that you produce.

View all parties

View the data added by all parties in the supply chain

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