SHINE Blockchain

Blockchain for secure, real time data sharing

SHINE is a blockchain platform designed for securely transferring, tracing, and sharing data in real time. SHINE is the blockchain platform that will power the Gold standard being created by the world’s leading exchange in terms of number of transactions. SHINE is a business friendly blockchain platform that brings the benefits of traceability and real time audit to businesses without the technical complexity required to run a Blockchain.

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Transactions per month

Cost per transaction will be

Rs. 10

Secure data sharing

Share data securely with other parties through our Blockchain based chat, video, audio platforms. Reap the benefits of verifiable data privacy through the Blockchain.

Traceability ​

Trace every single event on the blockchain, from product movement to financial transactions to users logging into the platform.

Real time audits

In case of disputes, full traceability of all transactions is available on the blockchain for real time audits.

Seamless integration

Integrate with any existing ERP/accounting/payroll/hr system seamlessly with just a few lines of code.

10 minute setup

Almost instant setup given the number of nodes, access permissions, data types. View and manage an admin panel that makes it easy to audit the blockchain.

Per-transaction fee

No setup fee. Per transaction fee alone (fee depends on the number of transactions). Check our fee calculator to see what our platform might cost you!

Customization fee

We charge a fee to customize our platform specifically to your needs. Get in touch!
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Technical Features

EOSIO base

SHINE is a modification on the EOSIO codebase to make the blockchain more business friendly with a change in the consensus mechanism and the smart contracts

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poa Blockchain

PoA consensus

SHINE uses Proof of Authority Consensus, which includes division of nodes by geography, utility, and authority. Auditor nodes, validator nodes, view only nodes, and admin nodes can all be configured in a matter of minutes after implementing the SHINE Blockchain


SHINE is currently scalable to upto 4000tps, but that will soon change to over 10,000tps by the end of the year due to rapid developments taking place in the technology.

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Smart contracts in C++

SHINE smart contracts are written in C++, which opens up the possibility to numerous applications that wish to integrate into SHINE.

Standardized smart contracts

SHINE has a number of standardized smart contracts that serve the utility of payments, data sharing, user authentications and permissions, pdf to text converter, business contracts, and multi-signature contracts. This makes it very easy for businesses to use SHINE.

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virtual machine Blockchain


SHINE runs on the EOS Virtual Machine, which can be easily integrated into any existing application through a cloud or on-site server.


Any number of nodes can be configured with their respective roles and access permissions.

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SHINE can seamlessly integrate with any ERP or existing systems through REST APIs.

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