Who are we?

Shine ensures that your organization and your associates are adhering to ESG compliance policies. Implemented on a blockchain platform, Shine provides end to end traceability to monitor and meet your sustainability goals, thereby earning your investors’ trust and making your organization more reliable.

Why Shine-ESG?

  • Preventing the 2C increase in global warming

  • Increase in Global biodiversity

  • Increased green cover across the world
  • Reduced non-renewable energy usage
  • Providing sufficient clean, drinking water to all

  • Preventing famines, droughts – result of drastic climate shocks due to global warming
  • No microplastics in any of the food that we eat

Our Technology

  • Blockchain implementation

  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Simplifying audit and traceability
  • Evolving SaaS product


  • Green products as against “brown” products of competitors

  • Real time ESG compliance metrics as per the different standards

  • Engage the retail customers of the company’s products or their product derivatives to showcase ESG compliance
  • Potential business benefit in the longer term due to sustainable business practices

What do we offer?

  • Measure ESG compliance of your equity and portfolio companies
    • SEBI standards, ICMA sustainability principles
    • Climate Financing Institute reporting, TCFD reporting
    • Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), Montreal Carbon Pledge
  • Monitor ESG compliance of your organization and all associated vendors
    • IoT sensors
    • AI based image recognition
    • Integration with ERP systems
  • Identify and highlight ESG risks to assess the impact and take appropriate measures
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Watch this space for...

  • Shine-Green:A platform to issue ESG debt and green equity instruments, on the back of a strong monitoring framework based on the major global standards. The instruments issued would be for Green, Blue, ESG, Transition bonds, and at a later date equity instruments into ESG centric companies.
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