Who are we?

Shine-Green (SG)is a blockchain based platform which would help companies become eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable through actions like reducing waste, investing in renewable energy, etc. with the help of a sustainability score. Shine provides end to end traceability to monitor and meet your sustainability goals, thereby earning your investors’ trust and making your organization more reliable.

What is the need for sustainability?

  • Increased brand value
  • Greater sales
  • International lending
  • SEBI BRSR/TCFD regulations

  • Customer engagement

Metrics involved in measuring Sustainability scoring as part of Shine-Green

  • Carbon footprint

  • Energy consumption

  • Water consumption

  • Climate risk
  • Air emissions
  • Waste management
  • Soil and groundwater contamination
  • Biodiversity impact

We measure each emission using the latest technologies and standards present in the market

  • CO2 and CO2 Equivalent Emissions using RFID Tags and standards determined by EPA

  • Water Consumption using the water meter reading at the industrial water inlet valve to calculate ‘Discharge flow rate’ per unit time
  • Electricity Consumption using electricity meter reading from all the plants including affiliated factories
  • Waste Production is measured by implementing solid waste management by Image Recognition (IR) and AI

Giving a Sustainability Score

  • We identify the different sources of emissions i.e carbon footprint, energy consumption and water consumption, etc.

  • Select the best approach to evaluate

  • Start the data collection and select the best possible emission factors

  • Assess all climate related impacts based on TCFD guidelines
  • Apply our Sector-specific tool and metrics to generate the scores
  • Review and approve the emission data
  • Store the data in a tamper-proof, fully traceable and secure blockchain audit trail
  • Roll up the data and scores to the corporate level to generate the sustainability score
  • Generate automated BRSR reports in all areas as mandated by SEBI making it easy to share

Benefits of Shine-Green

  • Real time sustainable metrics as per the different standards
  • Identify and highlight sustainability risks to assess the impact and take appropriate measures
  • Connect with banks, investors and customers to showcase real time sustainable risks
  • Engage the retail customers of the company’s products and services to showcase Sustainability compliance
  • Business benefit in long term due to sustainable business practices
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