Who are we?

Shine-Green (SG) provides a platform to issue ESG debt and green equity instruments, on the back of a strong monitoring framework based on the major global standards. The instruments issued would be for Green, Blue, ESG, Transition bonds, and at a later date equity instruments into ESG centric companies

Why Shine-Green?

  • Preventing the 2C increase in global warming
  • Increase in Global biodiversity

  • Increased green cover across the world
  • Reduced non-renewable energy usage
  • Providing sufficient clean, drinking water to all

  • Preventing famines, droughts – result of drastic climate shocks due to global warming

  • No microplastics in any of the food that we eat

BENEFITS - Investors, exchanges, banks

  • Audit and compliance of the investee

  • Mitigation of risks of non-repayment and funding utilization (greenwashing). End to end traceability and transparency from the point of issuing the prospectus to monitoring the performance of the assets

  • Greater liquidity of bonds in the market

  • Risk adjusted return with positive global impact

BENEFITS - Retail investors

  • Engagement of retail investors to participate in the new “Green revolution”. This will occur through tranching or breaking up of the bond into multiple units for ease of investment into smaller chunks of the bond

  • Complex audit and compliance for the bond done in real time on the blockchain to ensure the “greenness” of the bond

BENEFITS - Regulators, Government, Issuers

  • No Greenwashing, full transparency into bond and asset performance through the blockchain

  • Greater FDI for environment cleansing

  • Access to ESG compliant investors. Integration of internal finance and operations to meet sustainability goals

SG Sustainable financial products

  • Green bonds
    • Green “Use of Proceeds” bond: secured by assets (comparable to standard bonds)
    • Green “Use of Proceeds” revenue bond: secured by income-producing projects
    • Green project bond: secured by a project’s assets and balance sheet
    • Green securitized bond: secured by a larger asset pool
  • Sustainability bonds
  • Blue bonds
  • Green loans
  • ESG loans
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Technology Snapshot

  • Blockchain implementation
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Simplifying audit and traceability
  • Evolving SaaS product




Jun-July 2021   Platform Alpha Version
Aug-Sept 2021Onboard partners: UNDP, OECD, TERI, IREDA, Exchanges, IFSCA
Oct-Nov 2021Platform Beta Version
Dec-Jan 2022Onboard participants: ESG investors, ETFs, AIFs, Banks
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Onboard first issuer
Feb 2022Platform launch
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