Blockchain Use Cases

Shine – Secure, Differentiated, and Scalable

Shine is a blockchain platform designed for securely transferring, tracing, and sharing data in real-time. Shine is a business-friendly blockchain platform that brings the benefits of traceability and real-time audit to businesses without the technical complexity required to run a Blockchain., our public blockchain platform is designed with a sole focus to track and improve sustainability initiatives

shine blockchain

Multiple Use Cases of the Shine Blockchain Platform

shine blockchain

Food Traceability

Trace the entire lifecycle of food products from origin through every point of contact on its journey to the consumer

Waste Management

Our platform would showcase full traceability of the waste produced from the plants up to the point of proper disposal or recycling


End to end blockchain solution to cover supply chain financing, contract management, payments and warranty management


A blockchain-enabled platform for Governments can help them in seamless and secure sharing of data and verifying documents using smart contracts


Blockchain can help in the end-to-end traceability of the food product by providing a Farm to Fork traceability system

Milk Traceability

Blockchain can help combat three major problems in the milk industry i.e. traceability, coordination, and contract settlements, thus redefining the milk industry

Seafood Traceability

Shine can help resolve malpractices and poor management of fisheries along with various other frauds that compromise food safety and quality

Wine Traceability

Shine can be used in wine traceability and applied to various challenges of wine provenance apart from the use of blockchain-based traceability solutions


Fintech is one of the key areas that has seen the use of blockchain extensively, especially in KYC. Shine can also be used for transparency in the stock market, trading and foreign payment


Blockchain can revolutionize the microfinance industry by creating a secure, transparent environment with easy KYC and credit score buildup
shine blockchain
shine blockchain


Blockchain-powered NeoBank can easily be integrated with any bank’s infrastructure to provide a fully rounded financial experience for SMEs and startups


Blockchain will help create trust, secure storage of that data, and traceability in healthcare. With the use of blockchain technology, the issuance processes can be simplified in healthcare

UBI System

With the disruption in both the creation and distribution of money through cryptocurrency, a Blockchain agnostic UBI protocol can provide both scalability and privacy based solutions here


Shine blockchain can be used in the manufacturing sector to help streamline operations, gain greater visibility into supply chains and track assets with unparalleled precision

News And Journalism

Blockchain can help reduce fake news on social media and other channels. A Blockchain-based news platform can help people get truly unbiased and authentic news

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