Vision and Mission

Provide the right financial and tracking tools to companies for their sustainability transition.

Create a trusted, public ledger for sustainability

Our Vision

Our vision is centered around making blockchain platforms mainstream for ensuring traceability and sustainability for corporations. Our ad-hoc sustainability product, is built with the vision to create a trusted data and transaction layer for sustainability and sustainability-based financial products to expedite the transition to net-zero across the corporate ecosystem in toto.

The Milestones in our Journey

Sustainability focused Blockchain

Help accelerate net zero transition and use blockchain sustainability to combat the glooming aspects of climate change

Climate resilient supply chains

From farm to fridge, mine to market, pasture to plate, across meat, milk, food, and precious metals traceability, Shine’s got you covered

“We are keen to see how blockchain technology is going to work for the derivatives segment and the upcoming gold spot exchange. The introduction of Blockchain will facilitate bringing trust in the precious metals commodities business”
Hindu business line, Oct 2021​