Tracing and tracking the provenance of buffalo meat


Chainflux, on a research partnership with National Research Centre on Meat (NRC-M), has successfully developed a blockchain based buffalo meat traceability system, MeatTrace. This platform is built atop Chainflux’s blockchain platform, Shine and the platform is developed in such a manner that it gave a traceability ledger fit for the needs of the buffalo meat value chain.


We have established a chain of traceability as per the current data sets across the various points of the buffalo meat value chain on the MeatTrace platform. We have also identified the data which will be mandatorily required to ensure the data chain is unbroken and also to plug the information gaps across these levels to the extent possible. To establish a matrix of traceability from the farm level, we have the data of tagged buffaloes, to ensure that our model will provide traceability from the abattoir level till the finished product is sent for exports.

MeatTrace - The end to end model of traceability

Our MeatTrace solution will help producers and exporters showcase the quality parameters and authenticity of the meat products using the blockchain platform. Right from rearing to slaughter, the highest quality standards followed can now be showcased to the world using our simple to use platform!

shine trace

Some of the key benefits of the MeatTrace platform across the spectrum for all stakeholders in the supply chain

Higher Brand Value

Customer identifies with the brand which offers quality products through source traceability leading to better brand value and higher revenue

Disease Outbreak Prevention

By proactively identifying any possible disease outbreak/ staleness/ infection/ contamination, it can be curtailed at that specific point in the supply chain

Monitor sustainability

By scaling this solution up, traceability can help in better tracking and improving the effectiveness of sustainability measures and weeding out unsustainable practices across the value chain

Food Safety

Traceability through blockchain aids in better visibility and monitoring of the movement of the product throughout the supply chain thereby ensuring any food hazard doesn’t make it to the end consumer’s plate