Traceability platform for the precious metals industry.
SHINE is currently being implemented at the world’s largest exchange in terms of transactions for creating a Gold Standard for all gold traded on the exchange.

Shine solves the deficit of trust between members in a supply chain. Through enabling traceability of data and products in supply chains, Shine helps firms prove product authenticity and quality, resulting in:

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Gold Trace

a. Increased brand value leading to increased sales,
b. Proving sustainable production to customers,
c. Easy product recall in case of defects or damages,
d. Increased exports due to increased trust in the product quality,
e. Easier access to supply chain financing due to real time data shared with banks.

Shine is built on the R3 Corda Blockchain platform with innovations on the middleware and front-end layers to make Blockchains easy to use, fast, and cheap. The cost to companies implementing the solution is optimal due to Shine’s SaaS model that runs on only a per-transaction and customization fee without any development fee. Having designed the product while keeping in mind ease of use, quick deployment, and a myriad of features for any vertical, the cost to Chainflux deploying the solution is optimal to create a highly scalable and profitable business.


Trace with documents

Trace the movement of documents between team members and outside members.

Roles and access permissions

Selectively give access to certain data and users on movement of the bullion.

Trace with photos and videos

Track photos and videos movement between users.

Unique Blockchain ID

Every bullion gets a unique Blockchain ID, which is usually an 8 digit alphanumeric ID which tracks the movement and ownership details of the bullion.

Seamless integration

Integrate with existing platforms such as ERP systems, accounting software, inventory management, finance software.

No setup cost

0 cost to setup the blockchain platform

Low transaction costs

Very low per-transaction costs to get you to reap the benefits of traceability instantly.

Admin portal

See an overview of the recycling supply chain for the type of plastic that you produce.

View all parties

View the data added by all parties in the supply chain

Low transaction costs

Very low per-transaction costs to get you to reap the benefits of traceability instantly.

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We are currently in talks with an exchange to build out the Gold Standard for traceability of Gold bullions and jewellery across the country. We have also collaborated with the Indian Gold Policy Centre at IIMA and we are publishing our research paper to the regulators on how Blockchain can be used for the traceability of Gold across India.

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